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Blog - Glaucoma

A New Approach for Diagnosing Glaucoma

A study published recently in Contact Lens and Anterior Eye, reported on researchers in the UK and Turkey who have developed a contact lens which can detect changes in eye pressure which signals possible glaucoma. (1)  The contact lenses...read more


Impact of Glaucoma on Driving

Patients diagnosed with glaucoma, even at an early stage of the disease are at increased risk of driving that could lead to involvement in car accidents. It is known that glaucoma can decrease contrast sensitivity, motion detection, color perception, peripheral...read more


Does Gene Therapy Have Potential for Glaucoma?

It has been reported there is increasing evidence for the efficacy of different glaucoma gene therapies. This research, however, is still in its nascent stages and must go through human clinical trials. The use of gene therapy to treat...read more

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