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Macular Degeneration FAQs

How is this condition diagnosed?

A comprehensive eye exam is conducted to determine the best-corrected vision in each eye through an OCT scan to construct a map of the macula. At times a visual field is also performed to ascertain if any area of vision is missing or distorted. The eyes are dilated enabling the retina specialist to examine the macula under high magnification. If there is leakage of blood or fluid suspected, a fluorescein angiogram is performed to identify the source of leakage and blood with photos taken of the retina over 5 minutes.

Are there measures that can be taken to prevent it from getting worse?

The progression can be slowed by taking eye vitamins (AREDS2) containing vitamins C and E, copper, zinc, lutein, and zeaxanthin. PreserVision and Ocuvite are reliable brands.

Is laser surgery recommended for macular degeneration?

Rather than lasers, injecting medication is preferred.  Avastin, Lucentis, Eyelea, Vabysmo and biosimilars offer viable choices for injectable drugs.

Can macular degeneration ever be halted or resolved entirely?

It is possible to reverse the worst of wet macular degeneration with repeated injections.  By comparison, dry macular degeneration can be treated with AREDS vitamins that can slow the progression of geographic atrophy and dry AMD.

Are there specific nutrients and foods that prevent or slow the deterioration of vision resulting from macular degeneration?

Leafy green vegetables such as kale and spinach along with antioxidants such as blueberries are recommended. A healthy balanced diet rich in fruits, vegetables and nuts is also beneficial. In addition, sunglasses and a wide-brimmed hat can offer protection against harmful UV rays and sunlight.

Is it possible to have 20/20 vision with macular degeneration?

Many macula patients retain 20/20 vision or close to that. More drusen (growth of tiny clumps of protein, i.e., metabolic waste accumulations in the macula and retina) and scarring is a predictor for worse vision. For wet macular degeneration, more blood or fluid is a predictor for worse vision.

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