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Aging and Cataracts

Aging and Cataracts: Two Inevitable Conditions

As one ages, it is inevitable that cataracts will develop. Although this may sound dispiriting, the reality is that it is a very treatable condition through surgery that is profoundly successful in restoring a patient’s vision to a level that perhaps had not been experienced for years.

Cataracts cause blurred vision and, in some cases, glare. Some individuals begin to notice difficulty with nighttime glare and driving or often increased difficulty reading. Those who may or not be aware they have cataracts find that their vision will continue to deteriorate and unfortunately cannot be significantly improved with glasses. If the condition is untreated, vision will become worse as will color and depth perception. In rare instances, a cataract if untreated may cause severe glaucoma and inflammation in the eye.

Premium lenses often used in cataract surgery offer the most current lens technology in reducing an individual’s dependence on glasses. Some lenses can actually fix astigmatism, a defect in the eye or in a lens resulting in distorted images. Other lenses help people see at all distances (reading and far) without glasses.

Advances in cataract surgery offer the Laser-Assisted technique compared to traditional cataract surgery. The laser treats astigmatism resulting in considerably better-uncorrected vision. In addition, the laser softens the cataract making it easier and less traumatic to remove.

Another benefit of cataract surgery is that it has shown to lower the risk of falls and fractures.  Patients will typically find that after cataract surgery their vision is much sharper and brighter. Colors, particularly in the blue spectrum are seen more brilliantly. Many patients also note it becomes considerably easier to read and drive. In fact, patients often remark it was a much easier surgery than they had anticipated.

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