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What to Do If Your Child Sustains an Eye Injury

Posted on: March 31st, 2024 by Our Team

Those caring for children are aware they can be susceptible to eye injury from any number of activities. When this occurs, depending on the nature of the injury, if it is non-emergent where immediate attention is needed in a hospital emergency room or urgent care setting, it is recommended the child be examined by an Ophthalmologist as soon as possible.

Common Injuries

Black Eye

A black eye resulting either from trauma or without incident, should be examined by an Ophthalmologist.  It is possible there may be damage to the inside of the eye as well as the retina that could result in loss of vision.  Depending on the severity if trauma was the cause, it is important for the Ophthalmologist to examine whether there is any damage to the bone structure surrounding the eye which can affect nerves and eye muscle movement.

Scratched Eye

Possible infections are always a concern, even from a lightly scratched eye.  There could also be a risk of scarring which may lead to reduced vision.  To determine if there is internal damage or existence and extent of an infection, an Ophthalmologist examining the child through the use of a slit lamp will allow for the proper assessment.

Dust or Sand in Eyes

If the child has dust or sand in their eyes, the eyes should immediately be washed with saline solution or non-preservative artificial tears.  If the child complains of discomfort after a few hours, an Ophthalmologist should be consulted to determine if small particles are lodged in the eyelids that can scratch the eye surface over time.

Cut Eyelid

Any trauma to the eye or eyelid is an emergency and the child should be taken to the closest hospital with care specializing in pediatrics and eye care if possible.

Chemical Burn

If chemicals of any kind are splashed into a child’s eye, it should immediately be flushed with running water for 15 minutes and the child taken to the nearest hospital.

The Ophthalmologists at Union Square Eye Care are available to address your questions and examine children who have sustained eye injuries.

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